Dickens World

Charles Dickens, one of the most entertaining and beloved authors of the Victorian age, has inspired the theme park Dickens World and he even lived in the area where the theme park is located, just outside of London, England. The denizens of Fagin’s Den and other characters who inhabited the streets of London in the 1800s Dickens books come alive in the Dickens World theme amusement park.

Historical Significance

The Dickens World complex offers a historical and adventure theme park located the Chatham Dockyard in a historical area relevant to Charles Dickens and his books. Located in Chatham in Kent, the entertainment complex contains theme establishments and recreates the underbelly of a Dickens World London complete with alleyways and an ominous brown river. Read more about Dickens World

Camelot Theme Park

If you are in Great Britain and are looking to have a great time with your family head on over to Lancashire and visit the Camelot Theme Park. The fun Mid Evil theme park will provide a great time for the kids as well as the adults. Your kids will be delighted by the King Arthur style land of powerful wizards, knights and intriguing castles.

The Camelot Theme Park consists of five areas which are packed with rides and other entertaining activities such as the wizardry of Merlin. Your family can spend some time watching an exciting joust and the park features the wonderful Squire Bumpkin’s farm where your kids can enjoy the animals.

The Camelot Theme Park is helpful for parents by providing plenty of changing areas for infants and places where your family can have a delightful picnic. Read more about Camelot Theme Park

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

If you are looking for something for everyone in the family when visiting the UK or just looking for a full family fun filled holiday look no further than the Blackpool pleasure beach. Blackpool Pleasure Beach has rides and attractions for everyone in the family so it is sure to be a winner.

The Rides At Blackpool Pleasure Beach

There are a number of rides for everyone at Blackpool Pleasure beach. The main rides are as follows, Avalanche, Big Dipper, Bling, Grand National, Ice blast, Infusion, the 2007 addition to the park, Iru Bru Revolution, Pepsi Max big one, Rollercoaster, Space Invaders 2, Steeple Chase, Valhalla, and the Wild Mouse. Read more about Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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