Chessington World of Adventures

Visitors on a rollercoaster at Chessington

Visitors on a rollercoaster at Chessington

Whether you love thrill ride adventures or animal adventures, Chessington World of Adventures offers loads of fun adventure activities for every member of your family.

Adventures for Very Young Children

The youngest members of the family have plenty to do at Chessington World of Adventures. The little ones can enjoy puppet shows in Dragon’s Tale Theatre while parents enjoy a cup of tea and a few moments of relaxation. While you’re in Land of the Dragons, visit the Sir Walter Squirtalot fountain – but only if you don’t mind getting a little wet! Children who meet certain height restrictions can play in the dragon’s playhouse or ride the Sea Dragons boat rides, the old fashioned Carousel in Toytown, or the Tiny Truckers ride, also in Toytown.

More fun awaits the youngsters at the Fun Fort Amusement Centre and the Events Stage, both located in Market Square.

Adventures for Older Children

A park full of thrill rides awaits older children who meet minimum height requirements. Read more about Chessington World of Adventures




If you are planning to spend your family vacation in England, you should take your kids to Legoland at Windsor. Located at Windsor, Bershire, England, Legoland Windsor is a child centered theme park that offers some unique entertainment to kids and their parents. Opened in 1996, this place is second Legoland in Europe, the first being the Legoland Billund in Denmark. From the day the theme park opened, millions of parents and their kids from across the globe come to this place to spend sometime together.

Having Fun With Your Kids

When you go to Legoland Windsor with your kids, you start your adventure at the creation center building. Here you can get your tickets for the rides and other activities inside the park.

Visitors towering over exhibits at Legoland

Visitors towering over exhibits at Legoland

Your children can also watch the model makers build lego models in the creation centre. Give your kids enough time to watch the people building lego models. They can get a lot of creative ideas by just watching the buildings do their thing. Read more about Legoland

Thorpe Park

Medieval jousting at Thorpe Park

Medieval jousting at Thorpe Park

When it comes to theme parks, Thorpe Park in Surrey, in the Southeast part of England is one of the best. The theme park is divided into eight major themes. Of the eight themes, the water theme boasts of an elaborate visitors place called the Port Atlantis is said to be the most popular. Visitors can find just about anything they need at the Port Atlantis.

As a tourist destination, Thorpe Park is very famous for its fantastic rides. If you want to pump some adrenalin into your blood, check out the Colossus and the Nemesis Inferno. You will surely get the greatest kick of your life riding these things.

Getting There

Located just about 20 miles from the heart of London, Thorpe Park is accessible by car, bus or train. The park is actually located between junction 11 and junction 13 of the M25. No, it is not possible to use route 12 of M25 to get the park. Read more about Thorpe Park

Pleasureland Theme Park

Pleasureland Theme Park in Southport was closed suddenly in September 2006 after the untimely death of its manager, Geoffrey Thompson, OBE. Still, generations of Brits have fond memories of the park; so many so that author Stephen Copnall has written a book about Pleasureland Theme Park Southport called Pleasureland Memories: A History of Southport’s Amusement Park.

Pleasureland Theme Park Southport History

The park opened during the 1920s and took its place among other shies, stalls and rides on Southport’s southern lake. The park fought resistance from the wealthy elite of Southport to rival Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach.

Recent History

More recently, the park included rides and attractions for all ages, like TRAUMAtizer, a suspended roller coaster, and the Lucozade Space Shot. Read more about Pleasureland Theme Park

Paultons Park

Paultons Park is an amusement park situated in the village of Ower near Romsey in Hampshire, U.K.

Paultons Park sits on the grounds of the old Paulton House that burned to the ground a few years ago. A large financial investment was made in the park, allowing it to grow and transform into a very popular destination for the younger set.

Paulton Park now offers 50 family rides and attractions. In addition, a wide variety of exotic birds call this home including Penguins, South African Crowned Cranes and Touracos. Read more about Paultons Park

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Amusement parks are extremely popular attractions, especially among the younger crowd. Children and teens are big fans of the rides, attractions, and overall atmosphere of theme parks—and with over twenty such attractions, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach in East Anglia is no exception. Unlike many amusement parks, though, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach has alternative attractions that make the experience tolerable, even enjoyable for adults. It is the diversity of its attractions that makes Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach within the top ten free entry amusement parks in the United Kingdom!

Riveting Rides And Other Extremities

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is home to more than twenty large rides. Additionally, it has kiddie rides, water attractions, and a series of golf courses. These attractions draw large crowds of the young and the youthful old, and they extend over nine acres adjacent to the sea.

The rides at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach are designed to appeal to a wide range of ages. Read more about Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Go Ape

Go Ape is a robust aerial assault course which gives you the experience of an ultimate forest adventure. Loaded with rope bridges, zip slides and trapezes, Go Ape is an immense adrenalin-fuelled experience and it gives a true thrilling sensation to its participants. There are sixteen primary locations for Go Ape, of them you have to select your nearest domain according to your personal preference and easier accessibility. Let us explore few interesting facts about Go Ape.

The Unique Experience

Go Ape is an exciting and award-winning forest adventure which has courses of Tarzan swings, rope bridges and zip slides and many more. All of these courses are set up at the high up the top of the trees; over 60ft high up in the shelters, allowing the members to climb, slide or swing through a sequence of ropes, nets, zip slides and trapezes. Read more about AGo Ape


Flamingoland, owned by Gibb family, is located in North Yorkshire, England. It is the only one location which blends a theme park, a zoo and a holiday resort, all in a single location. The operating season of Flamingoland runs between March and October each year. It is set over 375 acres of land and it is known as the largest amusement park in North England. Let us explore few exciting information about Flamingoland.

Family Rides

Flamingoland offers you a great family day out with Muddy Duck Farm and Voodoo. Additionally, when you are planning for an exclusive trip to Flamingoland with your family members, you can be rest assured of enjoying few other exciting rides like splash battle, lost river ride, wild mouse, wave swinger, tidal wave, cycle monorail, dodgems, sky flyer, gallopers, wagon wheel and many more, categorized exclusively under family rides.

X-treme Rides

Do you want to test your nerves? Then you must not forget to take a trip on the X-treme rides in the Flamingoland. If you especially prefer high intensity rides, it has all the options to test your tolerance limit to intensity. Read more about Flamingoland

Drayton Manor Theme Park

Drayton Manor Theme Park, a great family theme park, is packed with a wide variety of exciting rides and attractions. This covers nearly 280 acres of park land and watery land. Drayton Manor Theme Park hosts the biggest, scariest and wettest rides of all time. Apocalypse holds the crown of the first stand up tower drop on the face of earth. Shockwave was known as the Europe’s one and only stand up rollercoaster. Let us explore few interesting facts about Drayton Manor Theme Park.

Location of the Park

Drayton Manor Theme Park is an excellent family park where all the family members can enjoy an exciting day out. Read more about Drayton Manor Theme Park


Diggerland, a vast and unique adventure land, comprises of four parks at the areas of Devon, Durham, Kent, and Yorkshire. Not only kids, but this exclusive land also promises its adult visitors a great digging experience. No matter how old you are, all the parks of Diggerland are fully equipped with fun, excitement and action, which can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Anyone can take the opportunity of riding, driving and digging by using a wide variety of full-length machinery equipments. You are also allowed to take photos in this exciting location in order to store the experience of your thrilling day-out in the closet of ever-lasting memory. Let us explore few facts about the thrills of Diggerland.


In collaboration with one of the largest companies in U.K, known as H.E. Services, Diggerland greets its visitors to four parks. Read more about Diggerland

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