Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

The Chester Zoo is the largest zoo in the U.K., with over 100 acres of grounds and 11 miles of pathways. This zoo boasts an impressive monorail system with stations close to the monkeys, which is an easy way to cross the zoo. During the summer months, riding a waterbus through the zoo is an excellent manner in which to view the animals. The “must-visit” exhibits are examined below.

Asian Plains

This is a mixed exhibit that houses the Blackbuck, Burmese Brow Antlered Deer, Swamp Deer, and the rarest deer in the world, the Philippine Spotted Deer. Up above the paddocks are two great picnic spots where you look down at the animals.

Elephants of the Asian Forest

The Chester Zoo is proud to boast the best breeding record involving Asian elephants of any zoo in the UK. In 1977 the first birth of an Asian elephant in the U.K. was recorded when Jubilee was born. Read more about Chester Zoo

London Zoo

Giraffes in London Zoo

Giraffes in London Zoo

As a part of its history, the London Zoo has had some firsts that it has accomplished. Founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1826, the London Zoo opened to the public in 1847.

The London Zoo was the first scientific zoo and it is one of the oldest zoos in the world still in operation. At that time, the animals, who were housed in the early zoo, were studied by scientists. An early name for the zoo was the London Zoological Gardens.

Animals Came From Private Collection

The animals, which were in the zoo in its earliest day, were from the wildlife collections of such notable places as the Windsor Castle and the Tower of London. Unlike anything that was seen in England before, the animals were a hit and the zoo continued to grow.

Because of the building being created during the Victorian era, some of the structures have been created in the neoclassical style, including the Tudor style Clock Tower and the Giraffe House. Read more about London Zoo

Longleat Safari Park

Lion at the Longleat safari park

Lion at the Longleat safari park

The Longleat House of the Longleat Safari Park is fit for a queen. Not only is the Longleat Safari Park famous for its safari park, the Longleat House is a historical home that has been visited by royalty in its history.

A House Fit For Royalty

Queen Elizabeth I visited Longleat House in 1574. Portraits of Charles II and his Queen Catherine are displayed in the Great Hall. These royal portraits commemorate an overnight visit that the royal couple made to Longleat House in 1663. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Longleat House in 1980.

Elizabethan Architecture

Longleat House has three storeys and each façade width is twelve windows wide. Longleat House sit amidst 900 acres of parks and gardens and is part of the entire park which contains thousands acres of lakes, forest and farmland. Read more about Longleat Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park

Zoos are a great way for people who love animals to get a taste of the jungle without putting themselves in danger. One of the most popular places in the United Kingdom for locals and tourists alike to achieve this desire is Knowsley Safari Park. Yet, this attraction is different from most conventional zoos in a big way: the animals in the park roam free throughout the vicinity of the park, while the people are essentially “caged” in their cars. Although Knowsley Safari Park is by no means your average zoo, it provides a unique experience that visitors will never forget.

Experimental Beginnings

Knowsley Safari Park was first created in 1971 by the eighteenth Earl of Derby, and its location was established at the Duke’s estate in Merseyside, a mere 8 miles from the center of Liverpool. Read more about Knowsley Safari Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park

The Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens are located near Burford of Oxfordshire. The Cotswold Wildlife Park is home to many wild animals, insects and plants. Visitors can view such wild creatures as amphibian, reptiles, birds and large and small animals. For instance, the meerkat colony of Cotswold Wildlife Park is fascinating to watch as they scamper through their busy lives. Among the other packs of animals, there are also groups of big cats, rhinos and even ants to observe.

The East Section and the South Section

The Cotswold Wildlife Park is divided into four main sections that house different animals. There are the small mammals and bird species of the Walled Garden area in the East Section. Here is where visitors will find the meerkat colony, llamas, penguins and the Scimitar-horned Oryx. Read more about Cotswold Wildlife Park