Science Museum

The Science Museum contains over 300,000 artifacts

The Science Museum contains over 300,000 artifacts

The Science Museum, located at the Exhibition Road, is one of the major tourist attractions of London. The nearest tube station is to be found at South Kensington. This museum is an integral part of National Museum of Science and Industry. This magnificent museum houses over thirty thousand items including Puffing Billy, DNA model, first jet engine, steam engines designed in earlier times and many other exclusive scientific inventions beyond the boundary of timeline. Let us explore few interesting facts about this great museum.

Brief History

Originally established in the year 1857 with the items displayed at the Great Exhibition occurring at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park. At its initial days, it belonged to South Kensington Museum, which is now known as the Victoria and Albert Museum. Later, it was alienated and took the name of Museum of Patents in the year of 1858. Since 1885, the Science Museum gradually started taking its shape. In the year 1909, Patent Office Museum was united with the Science Museum.

Getting Here

Since the nearest tube station is there in South Kensington, taking underground facility is always a flexible option for you. If you take the underground facility, you can check a pedestrian pathway connection from the ticket barrier at the tube station to the main entrance of the Science Museum. Otherwise, frequent bus service is always available throughout the day. If you come by bus, you may have to walk for 5 minutes from either South Kensington or Royal Albert Hall depending on the bus route you have taken.

Dana Center

Dana Center was opened during November, 2003. It is a stylish place of the museum, where the enthusiastic adults participate in informative, stimulating and ground-breaking discussions regarding modern scientific inventions, technological progress and cultural influence.

The Science Museum

The Science Museum

Quite interestingly, each and every day in Dana Center is different from other days. Everyday brings newer experiences with an artistic blending of science and culture. If you participate in the discussion of the Dana Center, you can enjoy a complete distinctive presentation of scientific knowledge.

IMAX 3D Cinema

If you visit Science Museum and never visit IMAX 3D Cinema, it seems your trip to the museum remains incomplete. The term ‘IMAX’ is derived from the phrase ‘Image Maximum’ and the motto of the IMAX 3D Cinema is to provide its spectators to enjoy the ultimate film experience. The major difference between IMAX 3D Cinema and traditional cinema is that you will feel yourself within the picture, absolutely merged with the cinematic experiences, while you are watching IMAX 3D Cinema.

Academic Resources

Science Museum offers a whole host of academic resources. It provides extensive knowledge to the learners beyond the classroom experience. Science Museum also facilitates a great group learning environment for individuals, divided in different age groups.

Interior of the Science Museum

Interior of the Science Museum

Additionally, Science Museum caters initial teacher training, professional development and support for classroom and homework requirements. Nonetheless to say, learning experience is quite different and interesting compared to the traditional mode of learning.

Online Stuffs

In their official website, Science Museum hosts almost all the segments of Science and the pictures of various objects belonging to each segment. It includes art, current science, environment, physics and mathematics, chemistry and materials, energy, everyday things, space, communications and computing, engineering, medicine and biology and transport. If you browse this section, you have a glance about the vast resources displayed in the Science Museum. Additionally, you can also have the idea about the current news and ongoing events.

Additional Information

Science Museum hosts two major cafés. Apart from that, you are allowed to carry your own food. You will be provided with picnic areas to spend quality times with your friends and family members. In addition, there is a big shop catering a wide variety of science-based games along with different science books. Moreover, Science Museum houses an out-and-out library, which comprises of a wide selection of periodicals, journals, early manuscripts and books. This vast section of knowledge is regularly accessed by scholars around the world.

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