Paultons Park

Paultons Park is an amusement park situated in the village of Ower near Romsey in Hampshire, U.K.

Paultons Park sits on the grounds of the old Paulton House that burned to the ground a few years ago. A large financial investment was made in the park, allowing it to grow and transform into a very popular destination for the younger set.

Paulton Park now offers 50 family rides and attractions. In addition, a wide variety of exotic birds call this home including Penguins, South African Crowned Cranes and Touracos. Paultons Park has three roller coasters and three water rides.

Roller Coasters

Stinger – This roller coaster, shaped like a caterpillar, swoops up and down the loops with so much speed that people can frequently be heard screaming loudly.

Cobra – This roller coaster is the largest, longest, and fastest at Paultons Park and includes cars that you ride in that are shaped like a wild mouse. It features a crazy mix of thrilling drops, exhilarating spirals, amazing turns and breath-taking “camel humps”.

Water Rides

The Wave Runner – You ride inside a dinghy going down this slide.

The Raging River Ride – This is a log flume ride with both large and small drops.

Children’s Rides

Pirate Ship Swingboat – This swashbuckling ride reaches an angle of 60 degrees at its peak.

Kontiki – Feel the excitement of the high seas without leaving dry land. The unique swinging and swirling motion leaves many people a bit woozy.

Paultons Park has one of the largest collections of children’s rides in the UK.

Magic Carpet – This is a fairly small ride that elevates you into the air while standing on a magic carpet.

Flying Saucer – One of the oldest rides, it remains one of the most popular.

Viking Boats – Small boats travel around in a circle with Nordic themed Vikings.

The Jumping Bean – The Bean is a thrilling vertical drop which raises steadily and then plummets riders back down to earth where they are again bounced straight back up, only to be dropped again several times.

Jumping Jack – A miniature version of the jumping bean vertical drop ride.

Seal Falls – Wave runner mini version for very young children.

Digger Ride – A gold mining themed ride on a circular track.

Ladybird Ride – Caterpillar themed cars ride around a gardened themed area.

Kids Kingdom – A large playground that was remodeled in 2006.

The Flying Frog – A very tiny roller coaster designed for younger children who want to experience their first roller coaster ride.

Trekking Tractors – Little tractor shaped cars take their young passengers around a small farmyard. This ride is one of the newer ones at Paulton Park.

Magic Forest – Interactive nursery-rhyme forest.

Wind in the Willows – A house that you walk through that tells the story of Wind in the Willows.

Family Rides

The Dragon – This is a spinning ride which rotates in both directions.

Sky Swinger – The newest ride at the park consists of tilting chair swings that feature double seats so that smaller children can enjoy the ride with their parent or sibling.

Land of Dinosaurs – The roaring and grunting of dinosaurs coming from the undergrowth frequently sends a visitor running in the other direction. With the sound of bull frogs in the backdrop, 13 different kinds of dinosaurs can be viewed in the marshland beside the river

Two Seat Go Karts – The only ride at Paulton Park that costs extra, you would think you are in the middle of a Grand-Prix race.

Other Attractions

Gold Rush Falls (Adventure Golf and Panning for Gold) – Play miniature golf while negotiating your way through an abandoned California Gold Mine and/or prospect for gold nuggets in the warm water of the old west.

Meerkat Manor – This is the home of the African Meerkats who can be seen standing on the rocks staring at all the people.

Penguins – The spectacular Penguin pool contains underwater viewing areas that are perfect for viewing feeding of the penguins

Romany Experience – This collection of Romany wagons is the largest in the UK and takes one inside a Gypsy encampment with wagons gathered around the campfire.

Village Life Museum – On display are trade workshops from the turn of the 20th century displaying blacksmiths, wheelwrights and carpenters, all working together.

Water Wheel – The water wheel drives a rack bench saw that was used to cut timber grown on the estate.

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