National Media Museum

The National Media Museum has media wonders that can enchant its visitors and that make the museum one of the most popular tourist attractions in England. Media, in all its glory, finds its beginnings in the art and science of photography. The National Media Museum houses one of the most important media collections in the world. Visitors can tour the history of photography of The Kodak Gallery.

The Photography Collection

Significant contributors to the art and history of photography are represented in the many photographic images that are in the museum’s collection. Viewers can see the exquisite William Henry Fox Talbot Collection and the famed Royal Photographic Society Collection. Photographic technology is displayed is all its wonder. Visitors can see the visual tools and their results from yesteryear to what is on the horizon for tomorrow.

In The Kodak Gallery, the exhibits display the finest selections of the 35,000 artifacts, objects and images that Kodak, Ltd. donated to the National Media Museum. There are new exhibits that constantly highlight different objects of the collection so that all the items get their chance for a time to shine.

The Cinematography Collection

The National Media Museum offers a film lover’s feast for the eyes of all its visitors. The history of film can be viewed in the National Media Museum’s great collection that includes objects that span from the early days to the present days of films and filmmaking.

Films have delighted and informed their viewers ever since filmmakers began making films and the media collection and attractions of the National Media Museum offer some of the best media exhibits in the world for its viewers. Visitors to the Cinematography Collection at the National Media Museum can see the actual tools that early filmmakers used, including equipment of Lumière, Auguste, Urban, Pathé and Paul, the Marey Chronophotographic equipment, an early Edison Kinetoscope and the Le Prince cameras.

The Cinematography Collection exhibits objects, stills and films that are sure to fascinate all visitors to the National Media Museum. Whether it is the objects of filmmaking’s past, present or future, visitors to the Cinematography Collection of the National Museum will find it a fascinating trip.

The Television Collection

The National Media Museum would not be complete without The Television Collection. Visitors can see past and future exciting developments in television technology. The world of creating television productions and the technology and devices for displaying and storing television productions is extraordinary and viewers will be captivated by The Television Collection.

Something for Everyone

Visitors will find it both educational and interesting to visit the seven galleries and the IMAX cinema. The main IMAX theatre has a huge screen that is 14.6m in height by 19.81 m wide and will thrill visitors. Visitors can also enjoy two and three dimensional film experiences at the National Media Museum.

The museum offers many learning experiences such as workshops, children’s activities and story-times, special events, courses and many other events and activities. Visitors can take virtual tours, make online visits and take home learning resources that the National Media Museum provides to its visitors.

The world of media will never go away and it only gets better all the time at the National Media Museum. Visitors of all ages will find that a trip to the National Media Museum is fantastic and that it is well worth taking the time to absorb all the visual attractions that the museum has to offer. The many venues and activities that the museum offers make it attractive to visitors in small groups, from schools and or international visitors.

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