If you are planning to spend your family vacation in England, you should take your kids to Legoland at Windsor. Located at Windsor, Bershire, England, Legoland Windsor is a child centered theme park that offers some unique entertainment to kids and their parents. Opened in 1996, this place is second Legoland in Europe, the first being the Legoland Billund in Denmark. From the day the theme park opened, millions of parents and their kids from across the globe come to this place to spend sometime together.

Having Fun With Your Kids

When you go to Legoland Windsor with your kids, you start your adventure at the creation center building. Here you can get your tickets for the rides and other activities inside the park.

Visitors towering over exhibits at Legoland

Visitors towering over exhibits at Legoland

Your children can also watch the model makers build lego models in the creation centre. Give your kids enough time to watch the people building lego models. They can get a lot of creative ideas by just watching the buildings do their thing. You too can learn something by watching these people put some lego pieces together.

After watching the people build lego models, you can take your kids to the imagination centre. The imagination center is the parks educational workshop place. Build and test workshops are done in this area. Here, visitors can also learn how to use lego robotic products such as the Lego Mindstorms NXT.

The workshops are really very enjoyable and challenging for both parents and kids. If your children are especially good at working with their hands, they will surely find this place very interesting. On the other hand, if your kids are into more technical things, they will definitely love doing the robolab workshop. The robolab workshop teaches parents and children how to use the older versions of the Lego Mondstorms system while stimulating imagination and creativity.

London tourist attractions; London Eye, Big Ben; London Buses; River  Thames

London Eye, Big Ben; London Buses; River Thames

Aside from the workshops, the imagination centre also offers some rides and a small cinema. The Space tower and the Sky Rider are two the most popular rides in this part of legoland Windsor. The Sky Rider is something that you and you kids should not miss when you visit this area. The Sky Rider is actually an aerial track that gives you a nice view over the park. On the other hand, if you want to just sit back and watch a movie, you can do so at the Imagination Theatre.

The Miniland

When visiting Legoland Windsor with your kids, you should never go home without checking out the miniland. This place is really cool. Here you can find a lot of famous places depicted in lego. The London section of the miniland is especially impressive. Models of buildings and structures around London including the Millenium Bridge, the Canary Wharf and the famous London Eye are perfectly miniaturized at miniland. Lego models of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower Bridge can also be found in this area.

Duplo Land

The Duplo land is especially popular among small children. If you have toddlers in tow, bring them to the Duplo land when you visit Legoland Windsor. This place feature attractions like the Fairy Tale Book ride where the guests get to ride a boat past the tableaux of popular fairy tale scenes.

A lego version of  St Pauls looking down at the streets of London

A lego version of St Pauls looking down at the streets of London

This place also has a playground which features the “Waterworks” where your kids can splash around and have some fun. Yes, you and your kids will get wet around this place so you better bring some extra clothes along. If you forget to bring some extra clothes with you, do not skip Duplo land. Have a heart and do not deprive the kids of their enjoyment. If you all get wet playing at the waterworks, just buy some dry souvenir t-shirts on your way out and let your kids wear them.

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