Knowsley Safari Park

Zoos are a great way for people who love animals to get a taste of the jungle without putting themselves in danger. One of the most popular places in the United Kingdom for locals and tourists alike to achieve this desire is Knowsley Safari Park. Yet, this attraction is different from most conventional zoos in a big way: the animals in the park roam free throughout the vicinity of the park, while the people are essentially “caged” in their cars. Although Knowsley Safari Park is by no means your average zoo, it provides a unique experience that visitors will never forget.

Experimental Beginnings

Knowsley Safari Park was first created in 1971 by the eighteenth Earl of Derby, and its location was established at the Duke’s estate in Merseyside, a mere 8 miles from the center of Liverpool. The concept of free-roaming wild animals was present from the beginning, despite apprehension at the prospect of these animals being located so close to a major city.

Since it first opened, several measures have been taken to ensure the safety and comfort of the visitors. Animals that have the potential to be dangerous, such as the lions and tigers, are now in enclosures within the reserves. Additionally, the elephants are also separated in their own paddock. These animals can still be viewed while driving throughout Knowsley Safari Park, but from a much safer distance.

Lions And Tigers And Bears—Oh My!

Knowsley Safari Park features a wide array of animals. When it first opened many years ago, the main attractions of the park were cheetahs, monkeys, zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions, and antelopes. However, since then the variety of wildlife has grown to include camels, rhinoceroses, tigers, and buffalo.

Mizzy Lake Farm, a newer part of the park geared for younger children, features many farm animals. Children and families have the opportunity to view cattle, mules, rabbits, donkeys, pigs, llama, turkeys, and guinea pigs. Overall, Knowsley Safari Park has something for everyone, regardless of their age and interests.

Planning A Visit

A visit to Knowsley Safari Park can be as brief as one hour, or it can be a day-long affair. The drive through the park only takes about one hour, but visitors are allowed to drive through the animal reserves as many times as they want until the park closes. There is also a restaurant located on the grounds of the park: the Oasis Restaurant. The park features other attractions as well, including rides for children. The carousel, mini pirate ship, swing chairs, and safari train are the most popular.

Knowsley Safari Park also provides a large amount of educational opportunities for a wide array of ages, partially enabled by their new education center and safari school. The park welcomes school tours and offers ten different sessions geared toward specific ages. The sessions are only a half an hour long, and each one is based on a National Curriculum. Students have the opportunity to learn about endangered animals, environmental adaptation, animal classification, and animal life stages.

Beyond The Tourist Attraction

Though Knowsely Safari Park is an extremely popular tourist attraction, it also works hard to protect the welfare of their animals. They are also very proud of their population of near-extinct animals. Many animals which are rapidly approaching extinction in Africa are featured within the park, meaning that Knowsely could play a significant role in ensuring their survival. The park consistently adds more endangered species to its population.

An Animal Attraction

Animals can be viewed at any zoo, but only Knowsley Safari Park allows them to be viewed this way! Combine the unique experience of the park with the active role it plays in preventing animal extinction, and the animal attraction that draws tourists to the park does not need to be explained.

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