Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Amusement parks are extremely popular attractions, especially among the younger crowd. Children and teens are big fans of the rides, attractions, and overall atmosphere of theme parks—and with over twenty such attractions, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach in East Anglia is no exception. Unlike many amusement parks, though, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach has alternative attractions that make the experience tolerable, even enjoyable for adults. It is the diversity of its attractions that makes Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach within the top ten free entry amusement parks in the United Kingdom!

Riveting Rides And Other Extremities

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is home to more than twenty large rides. Additionally, it has kiddie rides, water attractions, and a series of golf courses. These attractions draw large crowds of the young and the youthful old, and they extend over nine acres adjacent to the sea.

The rides at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach are designed to appeal to a wide range of ages. To ensure the safety of all ages, park officials have established height regulations for each ride, and some rides have requirements regarding adult supervision as well. These regulations are meant to make the park safer and more enjoyable for the children enjoying the rides, as well as the adults accompanying them.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach features many rides and attractions, some being more popular than others. The Disko ride, which seats twenty four people at a time, is set up so that the passengers sit on the outer side of a large disc. The disc spins and travels in a ‘U’ shape on a curved track. This ride requires riders to be at least 1.2 meters tall, and it first arrived at the park in 2004. The same year, the Sky-Drop, which launches passengers to the top of a twenty-two meter tower using pneumatic cylinders, arrived at the park that same year.

Certain rides require that small children be accompanied by an adult. Such rides include the Snails and Fairy Tales ride, the Roller Coaster, and the Gallopers. Snails and Fairy Tales consists of ten snails that run on a track, carrying children through indoor and outdoor scenery. The Roller Coaster, which is one of the park’s oldest attractions having been at the park since 1933, is a traditional wooden coaster. The Gallopers is a carousel-type ride that is over one hundred years old.

Rest And Relaxation

Part of what makes Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach an appealing tourist attraction is the opportunities it provides for visitors to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the amusement park activities. This opportunity is provided through the Pleasure Beach Gardens, which are located just a short walk away from the amusement park. These gardens provide a much more relaxing and soothing atmosphere for families and individuals to relax while enjoying the beautiful surroundings, or while having a picnic in the gardens.

The Pleasure Beach Gardens also offer activities that are more low-key than those at the Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. These activities include a 10 car Junior Driving School, an 11 Hole Safari Golf course, and a 12 Hole Adventure Golf course. Tea Rooms on the premises serve hot and cold meals, and various kiosks located on the grounds offer hot dogs, drinks, and ice cream. The Pleasure Beach Gardens offer relaxation as an alternative to the high energy rides of Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Park.

Attracting The Masses

Already, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United Kingdom as a result of its balance of park rides and leisure activities. Despite this achievement, the park has not stopped reaching for the stars. The addition of more attractions and innovations is planned for the future, and will be sure to make the park even more of a world-wide attraction.

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