Flamingoland, owned by Gibb family, is located in North Yorkshire, England. It is the only one location which blends a theme park, a zoo and a holiday resort, all in a single location. The operating season of Flamingoland runs between March and October each year. It is set over 375 acres of land and it is known as the largest amusement park in North England. Let us explore few exciting information about Flamingoland.

Family Rides

Flamingoland offers you a great family day out with Muddy Duck Farm and Voodoo. Additionally, when you are planning for an exclusive trip to Flamingoland with your family members, you can be rest assured of enjoying few other exciting rides like splash battle, lost river ride, wild mouse, wave swinger, tidal wave, cycle monorail, dodgems, sky flyer, gallopers, wagon wheel and many more, categorized exclusively under family rides.

X-treme Rides

Do you want to test your nerves? Then you must not forget to take a trip on the X-treme rides in the Flamingoland. If you especially prefer high intensity rides, it has all the options to test your tolerance limit to intensity. There are a total of six X-treme rides, which are certainly not a good choice for you, if you are faint-hearted. The names of these rides are Kumali, Velocity, Cliff Hanger, Cork Screw, The Navigator and Circulator.

Kids Rides

There are more than twenty rides exclusively designed and built for younger children. The Dragon Coaster, Junior Driving School, Muddy Duck Tractor Ride, Splish Splosh, The Runway Mine Train are the latest addition in this category. These are the rides that kids really enjoy. You will be simply delighted when you see how much your kids are enjoying at the kids rides in this wonderful place.

Eating and Entertainment

Flamingoland hosts not lesser than four great family-shows, including African Acrobat Show, the Sea Lion Show, magnificent Bird Show, and so on. In Flamingoland, the fun and excitement simply never ends. Refuel yourself with lots of tasty foods at Flamingoland. With high quality of serving the place is truly popular among its eateries for its wide variety of food pubs including Metro Diner, Plaza Bar, American Diner, Flamingo Tea Room and many more.

Holiday Village

Flamingoland houses a huge holiday village comprising of static log cabins and caravans. Packed with a wide variety of leisure equipments, swimming pool and café, the holiday village in Flamingoland is an excellent resting place for the visitors. You can book holiday village with the help of their online booking system available in the company website. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the benefit of tents and touring caravan.

Adopting Animals

Flamingoland is famous for its wide selection of animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. There was a time when this land held the crown for the Europe’s largest animal holder, housing more than 1000animals in total, which include collection of rare fishes, exotic birds, great marine life, mammals, reptiles and many more. Some of them include monkeys, hippos, zebras, peacocks, red deer, etc

The zoo area is open for its visitors throughout the year and it always encourages people to adopt one of more animals in the zoo. While adopting an animal, an individual is actually taking care of the animal’s specialist diet, its medical expenses and daily care expenses, etc. When you are participating in the adoption program, you are actually helping the park to move forward with success.

Different Themes

Flamingoland hosts variety of themes, each of which gives you distinct experience altogether. For instance, Metropolis is the area which will give you a glance of a busy town. It comprises of X-treme rides like Circulator, Velocity, Navigator and others. On the other hand, the area called Seaside Adventure is designed on the theme of the ocean and resort located at the seaside. This area hosts the second highest drop tower of the Great Britain, known as Cliff Hanger.

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