Drayton Manor Theme Park

Drayton Manor Theme Park, a great family theme park, is packed with a wide variety of exciting rides and attractions. This covers nearly 280 acres of park land and watery land. Drayton Manor Theme Park hosts the biggest, scariest and wettest rides of all time. Apocalypse holds the crown of the first stand up tower drop on the face of earth. Shockwave was known as the Europe’s one and only stand up rollercoaster. Let us explore few interesting facts about Drayton Manor Theme Park.

Location of the Park

Drayton Manor Theme Park is an excellent family park where all the family members can enjoy an exciting day out. Originally developed nearly 50 years ago, during 1949, by George Bryan and family, the park was known as ‘Inland Pleasure Resort’. Drayton Manor Theme Park is very close to Tamworth, Staffordshire. If you would like to locate it using satellite map, you need to insert B783TW as the unique locator code.

Details of Rides

There are a total of 36 rides in the Drayton Manor Theme Park, of them there are 4 roller coasters and 3 water rides. Rides like StormForce10, Shockwave, Freefall Tower, and Pirate Adventure can provide you a wide variety of great and exciting experiences that you probably can not enjoy any other theme park so spontaneously. Apart from that, Excalibur, Splash Canyon, G-Force, Pandemonium and Maelstrom are simply outstanding.

StormForce10 is an exciting water ride. It portrays the story of lifeboat rescue. It was launched in 1999 in collaboration with Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). It begins with a small amount of dropping into the watery surface, which is tagged along with a backward drop and ultimately it splashes out with a large drop altogether. It is a charitable ride that accepts contributions on the site.

Shockwave is the one and only stand up roller coaster in the Europe. In 1994, it was constructed with the help of Itamin AG. This ride is placed in the ‘Action Park’ area of the Drayton Manor Theme Park, just close to the G-Force ride. G-Force is built up with steel by Maurer S?hne, a German Company specialized in steel construction. This ride offers a real exciting experience to its visitors and it includes three inversions.

Apocalypse is a high freefall tower, which has been voted by the riders as the scariest ride in the Britain. It incorporates three styles of sitting arrangement – common sitting arrangement, standing arrangement and standing floorless arrangement. It was only stand-up rides on the face of earth till 2005, when Hurakan Codor in Port Aventura became open to public.

Pandemonium is an exciting swinging ride with inversions. It was constructed by Fabbri, an Italian Group of Manufacturers specializing in building amusement rides. This ride was opened to public during 2004. It features two cars swinging in opposite direction at a progressively higher speed till these cars inverse for a full 360°angle altogether with a height over 24 meters.

On the other hand, Maelstrom, a gyro swing ride, is designed and built by Intamin AG. This ride takes a height over 20 meters with an angular direction between 95° and 120°. By that time, it spins at the speed of 5rpm. It was opened to the public in the year 2002 and inaugurated in the presence of Hear’Say pop band.

Themed Locations

Predominantly Drayton Manor Theme Park is divided into five different major theme locations. These are Aerial Park, Pirate Cove, Robinson’s Land, Fisherman’s Wharf and Action Park. Each of these different theme locations houses different rides and attractions. For instance, Action Park homes six high intensity rides such as Shockwave, Black Revolver, Chair Lift, Maelstrom, Splash Canyon and G-Force. On the other hand, Pirate Cove primarily houses various adventurous rides like Jolly Roger, Pirate Adventure, Pirate Raft Ride, etc.

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