Diggerland, a vast and unique adventure land, comprises of four parks at the areas of Devon, Durham, Kent, and Yorkshire. Not only kids, but this exclusive land also promises its adult visitors a great digging experience. No matter how old you are, all the parks of Diggerland are fully equipped with fun, excitement and action, which can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Anyone can take the opportunity of riding, driving and digging by using a wide variety of full-length machinery equipments. You are also allowed to take photos in this exciting location in order to store the experience of your thrilling day-out in the closet of ever-lasting memory. Let us explore few facts about the thrills of Diggerland.


In collaboration with one of the largest companies in U.K, known as H.E. Services, Diggerland greets its visitors to four parks. One park is located at Medway Valley Leisure Park, near Strood, Kent. You can take train and arrive at either Strood or Rochester railway station. From there you can easily catch a taxi, which will take around 5 minutes from Strood and around 10 minutes from Rochester.

Another park is located at Langley Park, Co. Durham. This place is roughly 5 miles from the nearest railway station, known as Durham railway station. Another park is located at Verbeer Manor, Devon, which is nearly 5 miles from the closest railway station called Tiverton Parkway. The other park is located at Whitewood, near Willowbridge Lane at West Yorkshire. Castleford is the nearest railway station of this park.

Exciting Rides

Diggerland hosts over 15 exciting rides in its parks. Almost all the rides have age restriction and few have height restriction as well. The majority of the rides are designed to be driven by children of five years or more. However, children above two years old are eligible to ride. In some cases, the riding age is minimum three years. The most exciting rides of Diggerland are Digger Mystery Rides/Drives, Dumper Trucks, Buried Treasure, Giant Diggers, Diggerland Train, Robot Driving, Sky Shuttle, Diggerland Go Karts and many more.

At present, seven rides have minimum height restriction. These rides are – Robot Driving, Diggerland Tractors, Spindizzy, Ground Shuttle, Land Rover Safari, Dig-a-Round and Dumper Trucks. Not all the rides are installed in each of the parks. For instance, Dig-a-Round is not available in Devon, while Ground Shuttle is only available at Devon and Kent, not at other two parks.

Food Availability

Quite obviously, when it is a day-out, food is a must-need to refuel our mind and stomach. Diggerland has fabulous and delicious option for food arrangements with its Dig Inn refreshments. Here you will get a wide selection of foods including snacks, burgers, pizzas and more. You can pay using your credit or debit card at Kent Dig Inn restaurant, but, you can not enjoy this benefit at other three parks of Diggerland.

Additional Information

Since Diggerland is an entirely outdoor experience, it usually remains open even during rainy season, unless the ground condition becomes really unsuitable and unsafe for running the rides. Although there is no special dress code, it is appreciated and useful if you wear something suitable and comfortable to outdoor activities. This is indeed a great picnic spot, but bringing food to Dig Inn is strictly prohibited.

Except the Guide Dog, pet dogs are absolutely not allowed. It is mainly because of their safety, since shading is insufficient and that will definitely make the dog distressed for a whole day out. A detail guideline about prices and opening times will be available from the website of Diggerland. Discounted tickets are also available. It is better to check the website prior setting up plans for going there, since it does not remain open each and every day.

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