Dickens World

Charles Dickens, one of the most entertaining and beloved authors of the Victorian age, has inspired the theme park Dickens World and he even lived in the area where the theme park is located, just outside of London, England. The denizens of Fagin’s Den and other characters who inhabited the streets of London in the 1800s Dickens books come alive in the Dickens World theme amusement park.

Historical Significance

The Dickens World complex offers a historical and adventure theme park located the Chatham Dockyard in a historical area relevant to Charles Dickens and his books. Located in Chatham in Kent, the entertainment complex contains theme establishments and recreates the underbelly of a Dickens World London complete with alleyways and an ominous brown river. Visitors can take a ride on the dark boat for a tour with an eerie atmosphere that includes a view of the sewers, cemetery and rooftops.

Educational Adventure Theme Park

Visitors can learn about the historical era by observing the reenactments of life in London of the 1800s, which are performed by actors. The theme park is not just about learning and critical thinking. Dickens World is also a great theme park that uses the Dickens books for inspiration as it goes its own way in interpreting the books for entertainment and amusement purposes.

In actual life, Charles Dickens lived not too far from the Chatham complex that is home to Dickens World. As with other authors, Charles Dickens wrote about that with which he was familiar and so it is that, the area found its way into his novels.

The Haunted House of Ebenezer Scrooge

Those with a stout heart are advised to take the tour through the Haunted House of Ebenezer Scrooge. While touring the Haunted House, which has the scary old Victorian house look about it, visitors will be chilled and thrilled by the ghosts that want to spook them through light and reflections. Visitors who scare easily might want to close the eyes.

Family Friendly Theme Park

Dickens World is family friendly. The area for young children is called Fagin’s Den. When seated at a desk in Dotheboys Hall, a Victorian lesson can be accessed by a touch screen. In addition, family friendly is the four-dimensional film experience is enabled by hi-tech equipment.

An Animatronics Display And Entertainment Complex

Animatronics presentations are shown in the Britannia Music Hall. The Odeon multiplex has an enough options to please everyone. Some other Dickensian places to visit include the Newgate Prison and Quilps Creek.

Enjoy Refreshments And Meals In Themed Establishments

Those seeking refreshment will find themed establishments such as a restaurant and coffee shop to serve their fancy for lunch and evening menus. The historic themed venues offer a new experience as visitors step back in time to another era. Groups and businesses can easily arrange to have their meetings and lunches at the restaurant.

Families can arrange Victorian theme birthday parties in the complex. Special events are also scheduled as entertainment and there are special theme menus available.

Love For Books By Dickens

Whether you are familiar with the Dickens works or not, visitors will enjoy the sights, theme environment, shops, entertainment and amusements of Dickens World. Inspired by a love for Charles Dickens’ books, Dickens World is sure to inspire many people to read his books, which is a plus especially concerning youngsters.

At Dickens World, visitors can tour the complex as participants in reenactment theatre and the themed shop, restaurant and coffee shop recreate a memorable experience for all visitors. The Dickens World complex offers entertainment on many levels that will enlighten and create fun times for visitors of all ages.

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