Cotswold Wildlife Park

The Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens are located near Burford of Oxfordshire. The Cotswold Wildlife Park is home to many wild animals, insects and plants. Visitors can view such wild creatures as amphibian, reptiles, birds and large and small animals. For instance, the meerkat colony of Cotswold Wildlife Park is fascinating to watch as they scamper through their busy lives. Among the other packs of animals, there are also groups of big cats, rhinos and even ants to observe.

The East Section and the South Section

The Cotswold Wildlife Park is divided into four main sections that house different animals. There are the small mammals and bird species of the Walled Garden area in the East Section. Here is where visitors will find the meerkat colony, llamas, penguins and the Scimitar-horned Oryx. The bigger animals find their home in the South Section and there can be found the owls, flamingos, the rhino, camels and big cats.

The West Section and the Herpetology Section

The Children’s Farm area and Walk-through, located in the West Section, is where visitors can see the Brazilian tapir, wolves and white-lipped peccary. The Reptile House and the Insect House, located in the Herpetology Section, is home to tarantulas, leaf-cutter ants, reticulated pythons and Morelet’s crocodile.

Family Fun At The Park And Gardens

The Cotswold Wildlife Park offers entertainment for the family and people of all ages.

Children will especially enjoy the attractions at Cotswold Wildlife Park that include an adventure playground, narrow-gauge railway and a brass-rubbing center. Families will love the picnic areas and scenic views of the park and gardens.

The Gardens Of Cotswold Wildlife Park

There are many exotic plants and trees in the park and gardens. These plants from around the world have helped to recreate the natural environment of the wildlife at Cotswold Wildlife Park. The enclosed space of the Walled Garden has allowed the spot to have its own microclimate. In this way, cannas and bananas are grown in the walled garden. There are special forest settings and tree groves that can be visited in the park and garden. A water garden will soon open for the public’s enjoyment.

Attend Your Next Meeting Or Party At The Gothic Georgian Manor

Visitors are encouraged to consider the Cotswold Wildlife Park as their next location for their next party, meeting or conference. The historical Bradwell Grove at the Cotswold Wildlife Park offers a place for meetings and conferences for business and fun. The facility provides the Drawing Room for these special events. The Manor House offers the use of office equipment to ensure that any planned events run smoothly. The Victorian Georgian Gothic Manor is set on the grounds and amidst gardens and park area that extends for 160 acres.

The Park And Gardens Are Meant For Fun And Education

There are many exhibits held at Cotswold Wildlife Park. Educational tours can be arranged that can cater to specific ages and all the different school levels for the best and most suitable learning experience.

It is possible for interested parties to adopt an animal through the park’s adoption scheme. The person who adopts an animal can contribute to help with the keep and feeding of the animal. Interested parties may contribute to support the park’s many programs and activities.

Since the wildlife park was opened to the public in 1970, Cotswold Wildlife Park has provided hours of fun and learning to its visitors. Visitors can visit the wildlife in their most natural habitat possible and visitors will learn about the wildlife on their visit. Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens offers a place to learn to appreciate the wildlife of the world.

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