Camelot Theme Park

If you are in Great Britain and are looking to have a great time with your family head on over to Lancashire and visit the Camelot Theme Park. The fun Mid Evil theme park will provide a great time for the kids as well as the adults. Your kids will be delighted by the King Arthur style land of powerful wizards, knights and intriguing castles.

The Camelot Theme Park consists of five areas which are packed with rides and other entertaining activities such as the wizardry of Merlin. Your family can spend some time watching an exciting joust and the park features the wonderful Squire Bumpkin’s farm where your kids can enjoy the animals.

The Camelot Theme Park is helpful for parents by providing plenty of changing areas for infants and places where your family can have a delightful picnic. Cash machines are available in the theme park as well as some delightful restaurants where you and your family can have an excellent meal.


The Camelot Theme Park features rides such as the Bigger the Better which offers thrills for brave visitors who will have a great time experiencing the Rack, The Galleon Ships, The Whirlwind, Excalibur2, as well as the Falcon’s Flight. For those who don’t care if they get a little wet while having a fun time the Wet N’ Wild offers the Pendragon’s Plunge as well as the Log Flume. The Young Bravehearts offers fun rides for kids such as the Junior Dragon Coaster, Cup and Sorcerer, Dragon Flyer, Caterpillar Capers as well as the Playland Express and other fun rides.

The Camelot Theme Park also provides kids with indoor entertainment such as the Dungeons of Doom, Towers of Fun, as well as Merlin’s Indoor Playground. The park also offers the kids a fun time on the Jousting Knights Dodgem Cars.

If you enjoy roller coasters the Kightmare Rollercoaster situated in the Camelot Theme Park offers the brave visitors a lot of thrills with numerous twists and turns. It is one of the most exciting roller coasters in Europe.


The Camelot Theme Park also offers a comfortable hotel for its visitors. The Park Hall is a great place to relax after you and your family experienced an exciting day at the theme park. The Park Hall is just a short walk from the theme park and it also offers the guests a wonderful Health Club and Spa. You can select a room located in the lakeside hotel or perhaps you would enjoy a room in the hotel village. If you desire you can select a magical room such as the Cadbury’s room or you might prefer to take a room for your family such as the Bassett themed room which features unique furnishings and will delight the kids.

During the peak tourist portions of the year the Hall Park offers entertainment for kids such as clowns, exciting entertainment provided by wonderful magicians, a disco for children and during some nights they feature movies on video. After a fun day at the Camelot Theme Park you and your family just might be too tired to travel back to another town for the night, thus staying at the Park Hall is convenient as well as fun for the kids and relaxing for the adults.


You and your family can also have a great meal at one of the restaurants at the Park Hall. Your family will have a tasty meal and a fun time at the famous Brookes restaurant and if you prefer to have some American style food you can dine at Sam’s. If the weather is nice you can have an enjoyable meal outside eating some tasty barbequed foods. If you are looking to have a fun time while in Great Britain you might want to go to the Camelot Theme Park.

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