Buckingham Palace

Royal Arms on the gates outside Buckingham Palace

Royal Arms on the gates outside Buckingham Palace

One of the most well known structures in the world is the Buckingham Palace. Located in London, England and the official residence of the British monarchy, the beautiful building has been around for several decades. The original house is the building at the core of the additional structures and wings. The original structure was originally built for the Duke of Buckingham in the year 1703. In the year 1837, as Queen Victoria ascended the British throne, Buckingham Palace became an official residence of the British monarchy.

Changing Of The Guard At Buckingham Palace

One of the most awaited highlights of a Buckingham Palace tour is the changing of the guard. This event occurs at exactly 11:30 everyday during the summer months and every other day during the winter months. The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace happens at the forecourt of the palace and is a tradition that has been going on for several decades now. The changing of the guard ceremony usually takes approximately 45 minutes from the time the New Guard marches from the Wellington Barracks up to their designation with a Guards’ band until the Old Guard hands over the watch to the new sentries.

The entire procedure of the Changing of the Guard consists of a series of maneuvers that are precise and beautiful to behold. The guards wear the traditional red tunics with black bearskins. These are the Queen’s guards also called Foot Guards.

The Picture Gallery And The Marble Hall

The Picture Gallery at Buckingham Palace is a sight to behold not only for the paintings and pictures housed here but also for the elegance f the gallery itself. Most of the additions at Buckingham Palace were made by John Nash. He was the surveyor-general for George IV and was one of the favorite architects of the monarch. He designed elegant state rooms and these remain virtually unchanged up to today. The Marble Hall at Buckingham Palace served as a display area for sculptures during the time of George IV; such was the master plan of Nash.

The Royal Mews

This part of Buckingham Palace gives visitors a view of the transportation facilities provided for the Queen and her family. These excellent stables show off the carriages that the royal family uses as well as the motorized vehicles that are at their disposal. Some forms of transportation at the Buckingham Palace Royal Mews are State vehicles that are used for special official occasions such as State visits, coronations and other functions.

Courtyard of Buckingham Palace

Courtyard of Buckingham Palace

The horses that are usually utilized for the Queen and her family might also be seen on display at the Royal Mews. There are about 30 or so fine specimens of horses at the Royal Mews and all of these play a vital role in conveying the Queen and her family.

The Buckingham Palace Garden

The palace garden is the biggest garden in London and is located at the back of the palace. It comprises of 42 acres of land filled with animals, mostly birds that are protected. Visitors can take a walk around the superb garden and they may also visit a 19th century lake and its residents flamingoes. You must take note that The Garden at Buckingham Palace is usually open to visitors only during the months of August and September and these are only some parts of the garden not the entire garden.

Many other highlights of Buckingham Palace are available for the general public. The Quadrangle and the many other rooms open for viewing should not be missed. The palace is abundant in works of art and the d├ęcor of almost all rooms is astounding and breathtaking in its opulence and grandeur.

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